Our Advantages

What makes us different from the typical massage clinic?

Why Anahata?

  • Highly qualified and experienced practitioners.
  • Quality materials. Our oils and cream are from one of Australia’s leading brands, Perfect Potion. Our towels are organic cotton from Ecodownunder.
  • Personalised treatment. Your therapist has your full case history so we tailor every treatment for your specific needs.
  • Holistic approach. Our therapists have experience as a personal trainer, energy healing and nutrition/diet so they can use all these knowledge tools as a holistic healing of injuries.
  • Health fund rebates. Get a good quality Private Health Plan on a good level to claim treatments at Anahata.
  • We think green & sustainable in everything we do. The clinic follows a sustainable standard, with green electricity, bamboo tissues, non chemical products such as oil, soaps, and other cleaning products, organic cotton towels, recycled paper business cards, flyers, etc.
  • Referrals to other health professionals. If we think another treatment is better suited to your situation, we will refer you to one of our allied health care practitioners.
  • Participate in our great health, mind & body events and workshops!
  • Multicultural staff. We seek to have all different cultures and backgrounds among us 🙂
Heard enough? Try healing on a holistic level, from the heart…